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Connect with Your Inner Clarity

Connect with Your Inner Clarity Master Sananda through Natalie Glasson

Loving blessings extend from my being as I come forth emitting the innermost vibrations of clarity. Clarity is the truth of the Creator in action. Each soul can access and has the ability to deliver the clarity of the Creator. Each soul can embody the clarity of the Creator because it is the essence of being. There is simply a need to understand and connect with this sacred energy that describes the truth of the Creator. When you access the Creator’s clarity within you, you become the truth of the Creator in action.
Clarity is seeing, sensing, and acknowledging an inspirational pathway that brings forth enlightenment and illumination and encourages you to feel you can easily take the most appropriate action required. The presence of clarity is soothing and cleansing, and it activates your physical body and energy bodies, thus dissolving blockages and stagnant energy that hinder you.
Clarity awakens your entire being, refreshes your systems, and allows you to realize the truth within you. You begin to explore all that you are, recognize the guidance flowing through your being, and access the courage to take the necessary steps to be love and the Divine in action.