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Connect with Universal Oneness

Connect with Universal Oneness Jenine Beecher

In August 2017 I visited Salem, Massachusetts. Knowing I had a past life there during the witch trails, I had always wanted to pilgrimage to Salem to explore more of my spirit’s past.
I booked a tour with Now Age. Unique in its offerings (history of spiritualism, witches 1962 to today, and ghosts of buildings past), I was impressed by their dedication to communicate the true history of Salem. I was visiting my friend, and we were lucky enough to get a personal tour by Now Age founder, Melissa.
During our tour, Melissa took us to the Salem Athenaeum. This philosophical library was founded in 1810, when Salem was considered a hub of culture and learning. While touring the grounds, I immediately noticed a male presence and was enchanted by his inviting energy. Melissa mentioned it might be the spirit of Emmanuel Swedenborg. I asked the presence to confirm this, and I received, “Yes.”