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Build a Bridge of Healing

Build a Bridge of Healing Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

We have always encouraged cocreation as a vision for human life and this planet. For there to be cocreation among all species on this planet, there needs to be a bridging among the species. In this connection, there must be a balance that supports all. We encourage the idea of the human mind as being empty at times. This provides an opportunity to bridge and balance communication among all creation on this planet.
The vision for planet Earth was for it to become a planet of healing. That is its great potential. Having many different species in one place provides an opportunity for much healing, a wonderful force of ultimate balance. Is healing not the ultimate balance? When a human mind involuntarily focuses on something of great beauty in nature, there is a stillness, a quietness, and an emptiness as the human mind beholds something other — a vision of great beauty. There is an opening of the soul, an opportunity for something far more than rest or contemplation. It is an opportunity for the human mind to begin the process of healing that can take place between the natural world and the human.
We have spoken before of the tremendous potential that exists for the natural world to heal human beings. Sometimes this happens unconsciously. It might be from a flower, a tree, an animal, the air, or water. People do not perceive what has happened within their beings. They do not realize there has been a change that has allowed balance to occur within their human frames.