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Be Receptive to Inspirational Energies

Be Receptive to Inspirational Energies Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

During May 2018, passions will run high as more soul-heart truth is brought to the surface of consciousness for transformation, healing, and wholeness. This will take place not only on an individual level but also in groups, organizations, companies, and countries. Particularly during the first few days of May 2018, many revelations are possible as the arrows of truth point to the center of the jewel of truth and bring new perceptions, facilitating in-tone-ments of new harmonies among diverse groups and bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds.
For those still holding on to cords of blame, attachment, expectation, need, dependency, and victimhood, a karmic reckoning will come forth. No longer will it be possible to project on others the responsibilities of one’s own creation. The concept of fault, blame, shame, and guilt will be seen for the disempowering tools of manipulation they have become, as more members of the human kingdom seek to be conscious cocreators with those around them.
The use of sound (toning, chanting, or drumming) and movement (dancing) will weave fluid energies and etheric structures for ease of change that give birth to new beginnings rather than encourage the repetition of past-life karmic beliefs and restraints based on fear, separation, and biased truths. As the month progresses, many will speak up, bringing truths and revelations that make way for powerful changes in the structures of home, family, community, culture, and country for the betterment of all.