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Are You Ready to Live as an Ascended Being?

Are You Ready to Live as an Ascended Being? The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

What is our ascension status?
Quantum masters, bio-ascension has begun. Indeed, how will you live in the consciousness of ascended embodied biolight? Are you ready to live as ascended beings? Are you not like new flowers living as embodied love inside ascended light? Your pioneering ascended hearts are transmitting to your world’s awareness that you all really live inside the interactions of consciousness and energy. The new cosmic stargates that align with the new master DNA heart gate are now initiating quantum light that no organism has ever held inside love before. These sun gates respond to cosmic consciousness. They accelerate your biovessels’ preparations for the solar events that will take cosmic consciousness into a new quantum cycle. The biological ascension is under way in the continuum of love’s biological realizations.
A quick review of this new energy will give you a barometer of your changes. The natural succession of cosmic solar and planetary sun events includes solstices, eclipses, equinoxes, comets, and solar flare flashes. These always initiate cosmic cycles. They realign, balance, and seed new life throughout the cosmos. Your master hearts’ new mobile stargate will align and decloak to allow your bioships/spheres to imprint the way. Your world’s ascension into light will be felt intensely by all light masters over the next few human years to fail-safe the new DNA vessels you have created for the entire cosmos.