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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, it has been some time since we discussed the cities of light in the higher realms and the wondrous gift that has been made available to humanity. Many of you, as part of your earthly mission, are involved in anchoring the Creator light (adamantine particles) within you into Earth’s crystalline grid and then radiating the remainder into the world at large. However, even though discontent, fear, and anger abound, the human majority is still not ready to accept that great changes are in the making in every area of life on Earth and that time is of the essence.
The masses are still in denial and resistant to change, and most are incapable of absorbing what they feel are far-fetched, radical teachings of the coming age of en-lighten-ment. We have told you repeatedly that you are the transducers, the receptacles, and the human vessels into and through which the rarified frequencies of the future must flow to anchor on Earth and become available to all earthly creations. That is why it is so important for you to balance and harmonize your personal frequency patterns and to “return to center” to accommodate the greatest amount of the crystalline Creator fire of life and love.
Some time ago, we explained that as Earth was formed and made ready for human inhabitation, gigantic crystalline spires of living light were implanted deep in Earth and also extended high into the skies. These sentient spires that surrounded the world were the receivers and senders of the sacred geometric codes of light from the Great Central Sun, and the energetic codes and frequencies of Earth then radiated back into the higher realms so that the great beings of light could monitor the progress of Earth and humanity. These magnificent pillars of light were also used to modify and refine the divine blueprint and the frequencies of light that were sent forth on Earth and throughout the grid system.