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Animal Whisperer: Freyja, Angel Therapist in a Cat Suit

Animal Whisperer: Freyja, Angel Therapist in a Cat Suit Kim Malonie

Our Freyja was given to Jason by a friend in 2010, when she was eleven years old. Jason had been evicted from his living quarters (even though he always paid the lot fee where he was living). I’ve wondered how many owners Freyja had before us. I fell in absolute love with her beautiful soul when I met her, and she immediately took to me.
When Jason was evicted, I had him and Freyja approved to live with me. After getting Jason settled, we went to get Freyja from the people who were watching her for us. They tried to keep her, but Jason handled the situation. When he came out to the car with Freyja in a kennel, he said he told them to give her back or we were getting the police involved. She was our baby girl, and she needed to be with us.
Freyja easily settled in at the cabin. She was happy. She climbed to the tops of high cupboards and did other kitty stuff like that. She loved cuddling with me, and we often slept together. She took turns staying through the night with Jason in his room or with me in my recliner.