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Allow Miracles: Blue Topaz, the Divine Mother, and Myrrh

Allow Miracles: Blue Topaz, the Divine Mother, and Myrrh Margaret Ann Lembo

Do you feel the presence of the Divine Mother? Do you seek comfort and motherly love? It is time to align with grace and the ever-present vibration of compassion, kindness, and mercy. With celestial blue topaz in hand, decide to release issues and vibrate at a rate that emanates peace, love, and well-being. Open your mind to allow miracles beyond your wildest dreams.
The heavenly color of blue topaz brings the vibration of Mary, Mother of Jesus the Christ, to our minds and hearts. The vibration of blue topaz opens your ears and your heart to the Divine Mother through the crown chakra. The blue of this topaz helps you tap into higher realms of awareness to channel divine wisdom and knowledge. Use it to connect with your guides and the angels associated with Mother Mary.
Inhale myrrh as a tool to realign and ground your energy. Refocus your efforts with myrrh nearby. Its scent is dark, opulent, mushroom-like, resinous, rich, warm, and reminiscent of wet wood. It is considered one of the biblical oils. Use it for protection in spiritual ceremonies and rituals. Use myrrh to stabilize your thoughts and fix your attention on the vibration of safety. Myrrh is a good aromatherapy ally for caregivers, dental professionals, judges, law enforcement professionals, lawyers, and hospice workers.