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Activate Your Multidimensional Portal Energy

Activate Your Multidimensional Portal Energy Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Warm greetings of love, dearest ones. This is a glorious moment, one that you have known was coming. Your earthly experience has now expanded to the moment of multidimensional experiences, and everyone is navigating this shift — everyone.
This shifting energy is here, and it is not something that needs to be believed in or understood, as it merely is — just as you are. Relax your breathing as we share more with you. This is a moment that calls forward energetic upliftment, and we remind you that your beloved bodies of form are asking for Divine reassurance.
Many are experiencing vast varieties of physical experiences that are seemingly new, and for some, they are uncomfortable and almost frightening. Fear only exacerbates these experiences because the energy of fear is tightly woven into the third dimension and is now amplified through the deepening of polarity. From this amplified polarity arises the blessing of freedom, if you choose to claim it.