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You Are Creating Together

You Are Creating Together Mother Mary through Janet Desaulniers

Good day, my beloveds. How I love to communicate with you! It is wondrous that we can share in this way. For these moments, let go of all that is on your mind from your busy life. Be one with me from your heart to mine.

Take a deep breath in, and feel the wonder of spring with the energy of new growth and exquisite beauty. The months of spring are particularly beautiful in New England, where this channel lived all her life until recently. That area of the United States experiences the seasons in a more distinct and obvious way.

In spring, all of nature comes alive, and new beginnings are abundant. It is a time when plants and flowers sprout up everywhere and when hopes and dreams yearn to bud and blossom. People feel love and want to deepen relationships and attract new companions. People want to create and manifest new ideas. Gardens are refreshed, and hands are in the earth. The trees are filled with fragrant, colorful blossoms of all kinds. Delicate petals float through the air and cover the ground.