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Storage Container Gardening

Storage Container Gardening Nancy Perrin

This is my “recipe” for creating a porch garden using storage containers. It is a cheap and effective way to garden, and it is very easy to put together.

First, decide what plants you would like to grow and the amount of space you will need. Consider the region you are in, the space available, and your monetary investment. Google is a good source for gathering information, or you can visit a local nursery. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to plant, purchase the materials and plants you need along with the necessary containers. There are plenty of colors and sizes to choose from. However, avoid see-through containers, as the transparency can promote algal growth.

Second, prepare your containers. Drill 3/4” holes in the bottom and around the bottom sides of the container. Use the lid, placed up-side-down, as a drainage catcher, but make sure you place something between the lid and the container so that air can get underneath and circulate. This will help the excess water to drain.