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Shuck the Energies That Hinder Success

Shuck the Energies That Hinder Success Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master El Morya (Merlin) through Jill Harrison

If you are a soul who seeks to excel, grow, and learn, the easiest way to accelerate your growth is to look at the energies you surround yourself with. Often, lightworkers seek to change their internal energies but fail to see the need to also ensure the external energies mirror the internal ones. You cannot grow and excel while in the company of those who are happy to remain as they are. It is not your job to change those souls but rather to recognize their energies are not good for you if you wish to achieve your goals and find fulfillment.

You cannot expect to gain promotion and excel in a company when you are surrounded by staff who resent or work against the very company that employs them. Rather, manifestation and fulfillment occur when you seek to surround yourself with those who are one step ahead of you or those who are seeking the same goals or dreams as your heart desires.

When two souls get together with a desire to learn and grow in unison, it forms a very potent and powerful energy that quickly accelerates growth. It is up to you to recognize which energies help you to move toward what you desire and which energies keep you at a level you know will not help you to feel satisfied and fulfilled.