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The Seven Sacred Sisters

The Seven Sacred Sisters Terra Azara through Judith K. Moore

This transmission was received during a session with a Pleiadian starseed named Catherine Ann. My volunteers Sean S. and Sandra B. transcribed the message, and I expanded on the transmission by connecting to Terra Azara. Catherine Ann was inspired to share it with you. Blessings always.

We greet you from Terra Azara, the Pleiadian Sister Planet of Terra Gaia. I am Atiea. I am a Pleiadian crystal lightbeing. We are able to contact you now because the electromagnetic vibration of Terra Gaia has reached a collective resonance that enhances communication using our crystal lightbodies.

Within you is the power of love that has developed over millennia in our societies of light. As in divine design, Terra Azara is an ascended planet. We no longer dwell in the shadow of darkness, nor do we experience fear. We evolved beyond duality. Our chronicles and the archives of our Pleiadian libraries of light contain the wisdom of our journey to the light that we have experienced as human beings on the sister planet to Earth. You might think of us as the big sister to Terra Gaia, who is learning and exploring in the dimensions of light that sustain reality through the highest potential of harmonic oneness evolved in creation.