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Sacred Feminism Is the Gateway to the Goddess

Sacred Feminism Is the Gateway to the Goddess Artemis through Kenneth Drake

In these most tumultuous times of rampant division and apparent chaos, it is of the utmost importance that we speak to you concerning the emergent Goddess insomuch as we might help to usher her arrival among you.

In times past, we have spoken of the gender roles within societal constructs. As you see the world around you, it seems that such thought has come once again to the forefront of consciousness. We speak not only to women but also to all those who support their continued emergence. Aspects such as gender identity and sexuality are not as concrete as many among you would have you believe. It is much more fluid and ever changing. You have heard it said that such things are a choice, but that is not so.

Each aspect of the soul continues to emerge at the proper time as the soul continues to uncover its truths. We emphasize this first to say that when speaking in terms of feminism, we speak to women and to all who honor the sacred feminism by loving themselves and others and who continue to find their most authentic selves despite discrimination, prejudice, ignorance, and sexism. You are exactly as you should be in that you are continuing to express yourself. We take great pride in you.