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The Rise of the Feminine Power

The Rise of the Feminine Power Merlia and Em through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I join you this day with a full and open heart, for I am Merlia. I have come to help balance your energies as you return to a centered state between the masculine and feminine. Earth is screaming for feminine energy at this moment because the planet has been out of balance for far too long. Now there are many circumstances and opportunities for you to change everything.

It is very clear that you have been in a recessional wave, and many of you have been quite concerned about this. You have seen things going the opposite way of what you consider to be advancement. This has occurred globally, not just in one place. Quite simply, this is happening out of fear. When humans are afraid, they step backward in their evolution, and that is what you have witnessed on a global basis. Be assured, dear ones, we are not worried at all. Why? Because we have placed some of the most powerful people in the most critical positions at the exact junctions of time and space where they can change this wave. Yes, they can shift every part of it around and turn this into an evolution.

First, do not think there is right or wrong about a wave. Quite simply, a wave is how things travel back and forth through your reality to make eventual progress in one direction. You are making huge progress — much more than you understand — even if it does not feel that way to you right now. Dear ones, we will help you to balance this energy with a better understanding of the feminine power, the base creative power on your planet. Whether you have a masculine body or a feminine one, all of you have that aspect. It is the piece that is now becoming your greatest strength. The challenge for many of you is that although you have always known of your powers and abilities in these areas, you have not always known how to use or trust them in the ways you wish. Now you have that opportunity because this is happening globally, which all of you will feel at some level.