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Positively Affect the Stream of Consciousness

Positively Affect the Stream of Consciousness All There Is through, Was through, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

New information from the Source of All things is vital. Source wishes for all to obtain spiritual information. Source wishes for all seeking mastery on Earth to have all that is needed. As we face daily changes and challenges, it is important to have at our disposal all the tools necessary to maintain a positive influence on planet Earth. We all are integral parts of what happens on the planet, believe it or not.

We, that which you consider as God/Source, are excited about setting this forth to you. We wish you to know the power you have individually and collectively. Remember, there is power in numbers. This portion or vibration of your planet is the continuous flow of all your conscious and unconscious thoughts and ideas combined. It is fluid, ever going, and we might add, ever changing — your collective thoughts. We often call it the mass consciousness, and now we add the term the stream of consciousness.

The stream of consciousness is a reflection of all your positive and negative beliefs, ideas, and concepts combined. And according to what the majority of you on Earth are thinking and doing at one moment, it can cause things to be or not to be. This collective stream creates or re-creates reality. The reality that is created can be good or not good for you and others, depending on what is placed within and with-on the stream of consciousness.