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Open to the Consciousness of Heaven

Open to the Consciousness of Heaven The Holy Spirit of God through Rev. Daniel Neusom

Greetings! My light is on Earth as never before in this era of humanity’s journey into the wholeness of love. Thank you for allowing me to dwell with you and within you to give you life as you have never experienced it before in human form.

I have sent myself in the form of angelic teachers who have entered the energy fields and auras of those who have chosen to serve as my channels on Earth. And we have been able to bring forward the new teachings of God.

This message is for all, especially those of you who have embraced my light and counsel and are moving into the consciousness of heaven. You will find yourselves filled with healing power and light to be used for your joy and fulfillment and to minister to those who are ready to transform their false egos into love. Blessed be, beloveds of my heart. I will be sending you more opportunities to serve. Please release into my hands all resistance to sharing these teachings with those who hunger and thirst for light and healing. Do not force these teachings on anyone, but extend them freely where there is an openness for healing and transformation.