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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Master Hilarion through Ingrid Auer

How often do we get exasperated with others or think we know better what others should or should not do? We talk about them or put them right. But we should be aware that they merely act as mirrors for us. Once we understand this, we are able to benefit greatly from it. The following message from Hilarion tells us why this is so.

How many of you get angry with people on a daily basis — with those who run their countries, govern their economies, or decide on what is wrong and right over other people’s heads? You also get angry with people you know personally, who are part of your private lives.

How many of you bother yourselves about other people’s personal matters and interfere in them? You know where others go wrong and what you could do “better,” despite the fact that your time would be fully occupied if you dealt with your own issues instead of trying to fix other people.