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Love Is All That Matters

Love Is All That Matters The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How do I know whether I am creating inside illusion or love? How does love’s substance really change my soul’s matter, and how is death really an illusion?

Sovereign master, in the physics of your new helix creations, it is quite natural to change soul matter or soul bodies in an uninterrupted stream of consciousness. This is what allows you to grow new light-matter vessels. Yes, death is an illusion. You once lived hundreds of years in vessels before changing form. Your consciousness can change anything inside the essence substance of your love. Illusion is of the human mind, is it not? We are not speaking here of the divine intelligences that create creation’s blueprints or architecture.

Creation through the lower mind is limited and lives inside a human soul’s electrical field. This network web, or neural-electrical field, layers realities inside a mass collective hologram of all the negative and positive thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, choices, spoken words, and actions in your universe. An illusion that presents as synthetic emotion, an artificial intelligence hybrid, a mind- control web, or fake heart light can veil a human soul’s organic blueprints. An illusion can’t change essence matter; only love’s substance creates or can re-essence matter. This includes all the human, soul, or spirit bodies your consciousness has animated.