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Let Yourself Be

Let Yourself Be Akashic Records through Renee Rowe

At moments in your lives, it’s necessary to pause, gather yourselves, and reflect on what you’ve been creating. This is very present in your external environments now. You’re shown very clearly the expression of yourselves and who you are with each situation and interaction. These pauses allow you to look within and honor all parts of yourselves and your creation process. You will see clearly and gain awareness on how you are creating from the outside reflection. Pausing allows connection with the deeper parts of you when you acknowledge and embrace them as they arise. Take these moments to let go of judgments you might hold against yourselves. Honor all that arises within with the simple gesture of acknowledgment.

There’s no need to analyze, fix, or figure out this intention of acknowledgment being presented to you. Notice that a freedom arises within, taking ownership of the many parts of you that have remained hidden for so long. Come into this space of presence being okay with who you are — all aspects of yourselves. With consciousness, it’s a reflection of the depth that you can see and know yourselves. See clearly how you interact with the world from your own beliefs and conditioning. Pause. Take those moments to observe and become aware with unconditioned eyes, seeing the filters that hinder your sight and choosing them not to obstruct your view.

The more parts of yourselves that you are open to honoring, the more space that is created within for you to see the world in a more conscious manner as you are freed from the conditioning of your minds:

  • The first step is to have awareness.
  • The second step is to have the courage to honor the parts of yourselves that you might find uncomfortable.