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Keep the Evolution of Consciousness Alive and Flowing

Keep the Evolution of Consciousness Alive and Flowing The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders. We are the collective consciousness of the first wave of souls who came to Earth. We also are the ones who created twelve levels of consciousness to bridge our collective consciousness with that of Gaia. We have shared already much about these levels of consciousness. However, to make sure that everybody who reads this message understands the background, we summarize them in a few lines.

The Twelve Levels of Consciousness

When we came to Earth, we realized that the level of our vibration was much higher than the physical aspect of Gaia to allow the level of connection for which we had hoped. We knew that to bridge this difference to truly become a part of Gaia, we needed to create a path that would allow our consciousness to descend to the level of consciousness of Gaia’s physical system. We wanted to do this in a way that created a guiding system to show humanity how to increase the frequencies again, once people were ready for that. For that reason, we created twelve levels of consciousness.

While the descent was solely restricted to human vibrations and consciousness, the process of increasing vibrations would include the physical system of Gaia. This increase of vibration and consciousness would lead to the ascension of the Gaia system as a whole to connect Gaia with the universal living system.