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It’s Your Focus That Is Out of Balance

It’s Your Focus That Is Out of Balance Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We talk with and to you about power and the resultant product of fear. It is an issue, a subject that is predominating your thoughts at this space-time conjunction.

It seems as if there is a weight of power on your planet toward what you call the dark side. This is an illusion. The balance between what you have named the light and the dark is always the same. It is simply that at times there is more of one showing up. It is what you focus on that makes it seem so.

As you focus on the dark, it seems to become larger, greater, and more prevalent. It is not any more so than it ever has been. There is the same quantity of this type of energy in your world as there always has been. What makes the dark seem so much greater now is that you are placing your attention on it.