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An Invisible Threat to Our Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

An Invisible Threat to Our Physical and Spiritual Well-Being Phyllis Light

Do you feel well in general? Do you sleep well? Do you have plenty of energy to tackle your daily routine? Or is the majority of your time spent fighting colds, allergies, headaches, or even depression, irritability, or stress? Maybe you just feel off — not yourself, not the lively or happy person you once were. Let’s talk about well-being in our modern, high-tech world. We are challenged here in ways that have never existed before on the planet.

Feeling thoroughly exhausted thirty years ago — even wondering if I was dying — I had to find answers for myself. My prayers pulled in a scientist who had researched the hazards of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other high-tech frequencies — how they weaken our immune systems, cause tremendous fatigue, and accelerate the aging process. Apparently, the universe knew that I needed to meet him big time!

After studying with him for two years, I was able to heal and repair myself from all the damage I had sustained from years of exposure to such negative energies — computers, microwaves, and TV and radio frequencies being broadcast from overhead satellites. Just so you understand, that was long before cell phones were invented.