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How to Heal the Wounded Masculine

How to Heal the Wounded Masculine Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

I encounter beautiful souls in the masculine body who have been hurt by the feminine that has become very masculine. How do we love and honor these men to help them heal and be ambassadors of your light, your love, and your mission?

Thank you so much for your question. I am so happy to respond to this. It is by loving them. First, see them in the beauty of their masculine. See their masculinity as beautiful. There are many men who have been greatly hurt and are very confused about how to be men, how to bring forth the masculine, because so many women have expressed that the masculine has hurt them.

There is so much to sort out in all of this. The masculine so much needs the feminine love and to be seen as loving the feminine. Reassure men and the masculine that their love (in whatever form) is valuable, that you need their love, and that it supports you. When they are doing something that is difficult or painful for you in some way, be very aware of their vulnerability.