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The God Game

The God Game Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

Being human usually means having very mixed ideas of life and of feelings about people, places, and things. Those raised with any specific, ridged, dogmatic, or religious way of thinking can grow into adults who look down on people raised with a different kind of religion — a belief or religion with values that might be basically the same but because its terminology and way of worshipping are unrecognizable to the standards of mainstream religion, it seems threatening to some people. This creates further human separation in the form of fear on all levels of the body, mind, heart, and soul. This kind of divide is initiated when people refuse to take time to understand a religion or way of believing that they fear. In many areas of your world, all kinds of fear-filled scenarios are taking place that create an image of God as a fragmented, confused God who approves of judging others to the point of hating, hurting, and rejecting those who harmlessly believe in no God at all or who believe differently.

Judging another’s differences to the point of causing someone harm is unknown to the real God because inflicting harm and pain is a human action carried out by the ego self. Those who commit to this kind of punishment fear that the god they believe in will be destroyed in some way by other people’s gods or religions, and that would leave them seemingly godless.

People are very clever in humanizing God to the point that they believe their fears are their god’s fears, and therefore they have to defeat the competing god before it kills their god. This often brings about great suffering that manifests as everything from verbal attacks to physical death. This has become what could be termed “the God game.” This kind of mentality likes to use religion and the name of God as a game of competition. It makes a mockery of the Creative Source known by many names.