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Four Principles to Expand Your Energy

Four Principles to Expand Your Energy Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson

Grounding our light into your being and connecting with your soul, we, the Celestial White Beings, bring forth four principles of ascension and a cosmic law to assist you at this time of your evolution. Many of you are unsure about the journey of ascension that lies ahead and how your personal ascension can assist the transformation of Earth on a physical level to a place of love and harmony. The love you experience within your being can be so different from the energies you see in earthly reality. This in itself can cause feelings of disillusion, fear, and separation.

Many recognize that the more they connect inwardly, the more they wish to withdraw from the earthly world, with its confusion and harsh experiences. Although this is a natural reaction, it is also a contraction of your energy. The more you connect within your being and focus on emanating, radiating, and delivering the energy, consciousness, and light you receive out into the world, the more you will expand your energies. You will recognize that the glorious energies, safe environment, and comforting love within you can be found in earthly reality when you and others are willing to acknowledge them. As you become a beacon of light by connecting within your being and expanding your energy rather than contracting it, you will access your power and notice how you touch and inspire others to do the same.

Principle One: Connect to the core essence of your being, and consciously expand your energy outward so that it synthesizes with your physical body, auric field, reality, and the world. Fear causes experiences of separation, and separation causes experiences of fear. Both create a pain so deep that it blocks your ability to view, perceive, and receive the Creator. When pain is healed, then the soul and all aspects of your being are set free and can expand into the Creator’s true potential that exists within. Where there is fear and separation, there is loneliness or a contraction in your energy as well as an inability to fully receive the constant flow of energy from the Creator. You are starving yourself of the life force energy of the Creator, and this intensifies when you hold on to fear and separation rather than experience it and let it go. Each time you energize fear or separation, you disconnect from an aspect of yourself; thus, that which you hold on to becomes a creation and experience within your being. Fear and separation are often seen as opportunities to overcome negative energies and enter a space of peace, love, and growth. This can be true; however, we, the Celestial White Beings, come from a space where fear and separation are viewed as self-harm or self-torture. We do not say this to you to cause pain within your being. Fear and separation, or the contraction of your energy, are created by the perspectives you choose to hold on to and the beliefs you choose to energize, often unconsciously. These become instruments of self-torment and suffering. All humans have this trait to some extent. It developed from guilt during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, and even before. Often humans recognize their judgment, experience of suffering, and feelings of being unsupported as natural aspects of their being. Instead, they are patterns of guilt that require healing to create freedom and expansion of the truth.