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Earth’s Call to the Divine Feminine

Earth’s Call to the Divine Feminine Sophia and White Buffalo Calf Woman and Sirian High Council of Light through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

A powerful and ancient call went out, gaining momentum as it entered the chamber of the heart and opened a new place of light for the world to see. They came from all lands, they came from the seas, they came from the cornfields, and they came from the deserts. They came with open arms and open hearts to a place of convergence, creating a plateau of solid light held up with columns of the heart.

Millions of women reinforced the feminine pillar of all that was good and holy. The divine She herself rose from her ancient sleep, rubbed her eyes, and saw all her fractures and wounded parts that she had ignored too long. All the scars through time had reddened, and a planetary healing was needed immediately.

She called to herself, to every ancient piece, from goddess to nun to warrioress to priestess to healer to savior. She called from the mountaintops, the valleys, and the sacred places of Earth. She called to all her sisters of Earth, all her sisters of the sky, and all her sisters of the heart to gather in momentum, purpose, and power.