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Buddha’s Return

Buddha’s Return Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I come to you once again through a written teaching as we invigorate our plane-to-plane connection. As the planet undergoes the rigors of an evolutionary paradigm shift, it is particularly important to bring this connection into full consciousness since, from it, a new reality is trying to birth. What an amazing time to be alive and participating in ironing out the wrinkled fabric of human evolution!

Indeed, many areas hidden in the murky depths of the collective unconscious are surfacing so that humanity can apply greater wisdom and intentionality to creating a higher-functioning model for human interaction and relationship. Granted, this process requires considerable attention, and it could be rather unsettling at times, particularly in the day-to-day arena. Still, yours is a very important time in terms of what the greater evolutionary process for the planet will ultimately bring forth.

Some of you might have noticed that your blood pressure is running a bit higher than normal, which is probably an indication that you might be feeling and perhaps internalizing the pressure generated by Earth’s transition. With the level of stress erupting on the global scene, it is not surprising to find it reflected on personal levels. Of course, it is important to remember that the birth of a new age can be quite chaotic, and just as in the birth of any physical being, the process is often rather messy, nerve-wracking, and potentially life threatening at certain stages. Even so, the process is most instructional and utterly compelling.