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Be the Love Earth Needs

Be the Love Earth Needs Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and my love abounds and supports you, especially during these tumultuous times. Take a deep breath, and feel the unconditional love that supports you. Feel the love of creation that also supports the free will of every human being who takes a breath and then exhales life to other beings on Earth. You are all connected and share the very essence that gives you life.

These times serve to remind many who have been asleep that the web of life must be supported by humankind for the planet to maintain life. The current push to return to a time of destruction and wanton disregard for the good of all, including the ecosystems that compose your home, is rooted in a very old, archaic, unbalanced masculine energy. This male energy has been one of force and subjugation, ignoring the needs of all people and the planet to be whole. It has indeed consumed both human and natural resources to feed its own greed. It is disturbing to many of you to ponder what will be the outcome should these difficult and forceful energies and agendas be allowed to continue to play out.

You are beginning to wonder on a collective, conscious level why you believe that you have no power to stop the lies and manipulations being told or the power against being forced to do as the authorities mandate. The current focus on creating war and division is creating such a clear picture for humanity of the direction that you do not want to go that, in a sense, it is compelling you to choose the Earth experience you desire.