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Ask Erik: You Are Not Alone

Ask Erik: You Are Not Alone Elisa Medhus

Every day I see light anomalies all over my house and in other places. Many times they show up in the corners of rooms, and they just sit there for a moment and then change positions. They seem to have intelligent control. They look like dots of light the size of a quarter or so. Have you come across this before, or have you seen these yourself? I wonder whether some are Erik.

— Casey

From Kim: Yes, I see these lights numerous times throughout the day and have for years. My guides and Erik tell me that I am seeing lightbeings (spirits of all kinds). They create a shift in the electromagnetic fields in front of me. Erik is well known for manifesting the color blue quite often. I have seen these lights in my peripheral vision as well as directly in front of me. What you see depends on your state of conscious awareness. Generally when I see orbs or lights like this, I shift my awareness to clairaudience, tune in to the vibration, and ask for information. Validation is key, so when I see these light beings, I thank them for being present with me and then ask for more information. You can do this too.

When I asked Erik whether you have been seeing him, he smiled very playfully, covered both his eyes, and said, “You can’t see me now.” He’s very playful, and this is his way of saying yes. He always says, “It should be noted that seeing shadows is not a bad thing. People have such negative ideas attached to seeing shadows, but there’s really no reason to. Different spirit beings might move across your field of vision, and we all have dif