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Ask the Angels: The Angels Are Always with You

Ask the Angels: The Angels Are Always with You the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Have the angels ever said anything about the end of Earth? Will there be an end to Earth? What will happen?
— Lily, Dallas, TX

From the angels: Yes, when the angels descend to Earth, magnificence the world can’t comprehend will be known the world over. The angels come en masse to guide the children of God to the heavens. Oh, if only for a second you could feel the angel’s presence! The humans of Earth will not only meet tremendous love but also light, color, and the sounds of angelic voices.

The most loving, sacred angels overlooking Earth will open the skies with their magnificence. The skies will thunder and enliven with light, color, and sound as the angels look on Earth. This will be the end of Earth as it is now known. All eyes will look to the heavens. Colored mist and scented music will encompass Earth.