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Allow Yourself to Trust

Allow Yourself to Trust Amma through Cathy Chapman

Hello, my dear ones. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. When you made the decision to separate from the oneness to experience the illusion of individuality, you rested in my womb to get ready for your first incarnation. You are always in my womb. You never leave. I use the term “womb” symbolically as the safe place you reside to become ready for your next incarnation.

Disengage from Anxiety-Causing Activities

Those of you in the Western world who work with Western medicine know anxiety as something to resolve through medication. You also know anxiety as a common element in this world you live in. There are emotional, physical, and spiritual elements involved in this experience. On the emotional level, anxiety falls under the category known as fear. As you might know, I call fear not-love. When you are in fear, you are not in a place of love. This is true of any emotion you experience that causes discord within you. All discordant emotions are not-love. Emotionally, anxiety is about your fear of the future, whether one minute or twenty years from now. When you become anxious, you are not in the present.

When you read the stories of many who were facing imminent death, most will tell you that there was a deep calm within. It sounds paradoxical, does it not? When you are fully in the present, including facing imminent death, there are no worries about the future, as the future is now.