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Acceptance Frees You

Acceptance Frees You One Life through Catherine Weser

Are you getting lost in thoughts and feelings and dwelling on all the things that seem to be wrong in the world? Are you finding that the conversations you have with your friends and loved ones end up in a discussion of the problems and difficulties arising all around you? Perhaps everywhere you look, you see a world that needs fixing. Maybe everyone you talk to has a sense of impending disaster. “What is going on?” you ask yourself and others.

A current state of doom-and-gloom thinking seems to be overwhelming and overtaking many. Often this type of thinking develops with a concurrent sense of a personal self that is hopeless and stuck in judgment and despair. This might be occurring for you in profound or subtle ways. It could seem primarily outward directed, but it is definitely directed inward also because outer and inner are just arbitrary concepts of separation.

The antidote to feeling lost in your thoughts and anxieties of a possible future begins with unconditional acceptance. First you must totally accept yourself. Everything you have ever done and felt and experienced is to be accepted. Give yourself total amnesty. Forgive yourself for everything. Feel acceptable and therefore accepted for who you are. If you cannot unconditionally accept yourself, you cannot unconditionally accept your world. Something is always less than you believe it should be and something else is always more than you believe it should be when you cannot be accepting. Rightness and wrongness start to dominate your view. Everything becomes more polarized and separate.