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Accept Yourself as Divine, Sacred, and Holy

Accept Yourself as Divine, Sacred, and Holy Mary Magdalena through Virginia Ellen

I am always here waiting for the opportunity to be present with you. Know that you are never separate from any divine being, for they are always there for you, always waiting for the opportunity to bring you messages. When you take time to be still and to contemplate, you will then have more direct experiences with divine beings. We are descending, you are ascending, and we are coming into oneness so that we can walk together through the dimensions.

Be still, and spend time in nature to meditate so that you can communicate with the higher realms of love. Nothing that you have known in your life is real. This world has been made up by the ego minds; therefore, it is not real. Nothing in your world is real. Your inharmonious situations that cause you feelings of sorrow or guilt or shame are not real. The ego made them up, and the ego is reacting to you always.

When people abandon you, it is their egos abandoning you. When people betray you, it is their egos that betray you. The ego is not who they are. The ego is not real. Within them is the purity of love. That is what is real about each being. Each being is the purity of the Christ, and in that place, there is only love for you.