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You Are Peace, Protection, and Joy

You Are Peace, Protection, and Joy Simon through Arthur Fanning

What humanity is dealing with now is the understanding that there are consciousnesses invisible to the physical eye that move between you and, for example, the trees. If you are standing in a place with a tree across from you, there are spiritual forces between there. Those spiritual forces know the tree and its function, and they know the movement of you.

Humanity is now being introduced to the spirits in space, many. As humans have understood themselves as they are born or wake up, achieve a consciousness of identity of self, they realize (as little ones) that they’re separate from those spirits who are floating in space. Now, those spirits within the space are aware, as I said, of the tree and you. The tree does not move. It blows in the wind (is blown by the wind) to pump. It produces oxygen for the movement of creatures. The human brain, the ability to think with, what you call, the mind with understanding has a uniqueness that is different from those spirits within the space.

Now, you humans have this idea of choice — choose, choose, choosing, being — yet being requires breath. And in breath, you’re ingesting (in a manner) all sorts of spirits that are there, including God. You’re exhaling what is not useful within the body. In your exhale, in the removal of those who are no longer needed, you provide them — since they have incorporated in your body — an opportunity to understand what the human sensation is like, being the human. But they’re not in there all the time. Now, the education process of body, mind, and spirit and the unique identity of your self are the understanding of the influences that are being pushed on you. From where? Where does your thought come from? You actually go to a library of thought. We call it the river of thought. We have talked about the boat being above it — to be free of other’s thoughts — but your purposeful understanding of your self is the desire for — basically, it’s called knowledge of perpetual movement. Being knowledgeable of perpetual movement means you are alive everywhere, everywhen. You just don’t realize that yet.