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What’s Love All About?

What’s Love All About? Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I come forth to speak with you during our monthly chat on the topic of love. Now, you may think this is an old-hat topic, but stay with me because I have much more to reveal. You see, there are many misconceptions about what is called love, an energy that flows forth automatically always. The frequencies and energies of love are really a necessary ingredient in creation itself. What does that mean to you, personally?

Well, if you are in the process of participating with creation — and there are various manners and methods for this, I realize, but I am speaking of the ingredients, my dears — then it would perhaps behoove you to pay attention. (Don’t you just love that word “behoove”? Ah!) Then what is the frequency of love, actually? Exactly. The answer is this: Love is the flowing forth of a designated forming toward producing a manifestation
of wholeness of being. Wholeness of being is the manifestion of truth, and truth resides as the celebration of oneness and the refusal of the
illusion of separation from the whole.

Participate from the
Depth of Your Being