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The Way Forward Is in Motion

The Way Forward Is in Motion Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We often speak of balance. Gaining and maintaining balance is a primary pursuit in a spiritual seeker’s life. It takes constant effort to maintain in an unbalanced society or when engaged with others who do not share your spiritual inclinations. For over a decade, we have spoken of the energy around planet Earth as being tightly wound, difficult to move through, dense, and heavy. You have felt this and seen the consistent failure of many things in society. In more recent years, we have told of the lessening of this taut energy. There is an uncoiling of energy in this area of the galaxy, especially in the solar system we inhabit. You may even personally sense an opportunity for motion yourself. It is still difficult, but possibilities are opening to potentials.

As a single being upon Earth, you require some level of trust to move forward after such an extensive period of unproductive time. We remind you now of the expression, “Look before you leap,” and we also remind you of the concept that you cannot cross a wide gap in two jumps.

Structure is shifting around the globe. The more rigid the structure, the more likely it is to break or shatter. There is much that is rigid in current society. The shattering of such monolithic structures may be scary to many humans. Many will seek to shore up or prop up the crumbling walls. They will seek to maintain the status quo. What these ones are not seeing is that the world is vastly altered, both on a philosophical level and a spiritual or energetic plane. What appears to many as imminent destruction is in fact simply the natural changes that occur constantly. There is no longer abundant energy to keep old concepts in place. The spiritual seeker will clearly see that placing faith in the past ways of society is not a path to the future. Clinging to the past will only inhibit growth.