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Unleash the Flow of Creativity

Unleash the Flow of Creativity Andaba through Abby Isadora Haydon

This month is a time when those who live in the United States honor the contributions that mothers have made to their families and to the world. There are similar days of honor in other countries that go on throughout the year. We feel that this celebration in North America will be powerful this year due to the fact that there are many galactic alignments coming about that will amplify the energy of spring and blossoming.

It is good that those in the United States feel this month is a time to focus on the energy of the Divine Feminine that manifests through those who have given birth. It is really a time when the concept of creativity is honored. In ancient times, celebrations and coupling were common during the months of May and June, bringing new humans to the world.

Creating new life is only one function that is carried out by the energy of the female principle on this world. Many on this world set aside time to pay respects to the feminine aspects of creation that can be seen strongly this time of year. It is a time when many animals of all species give birth to a new generation. Even though it is good to show appreciation for the birth of new offspring, it is also a time when creativity can be seen in many areas of existence. All of nature opens up in waves of color, from the flowers to trees and profuse blooms. All life forms respond to the planetary energies of this time period and produce all they are capable of.