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Raise Your Energy with Crystalline Stellar Skulls

Raise Your Energy with Crystalline Stellar Skulls Terra Rae

Connie and I became good friends over the years we worked together. She had been clairvoyantly challenged. She experienced many physical issues before we started doing 5D extractions of the implants and devices affecting her.

There were a couple of past lives in which she saw herself dance with the Dark Wizards. I understood she had been pulled further into the darkness with the implants, which disturbed her a lot. After a past-life clearing session, we looked for a fabulous life of great brilliance she could anchor to. We integrated Connie’s amazing warrior-goddess self. After this amazing release and recalibration, Connie and I asked Grace to join us at the hot springs to recharge.

A Temple of Sound,
Rainbows, and Stardust

I was in a pool outside by myself, and as I melted into the hot mineral water and went into a deep space within, a beautiful vision started to unfold. I took a deep breath and decided to let it bubble up to see what wanted to come through. As scenes began to unfold, I saw a beautiful area with a river winding around pristine mountains. There was a group of people high (several hundred feet) up on the embankment.