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The Quantum Patterns of Consciousness

The Quantum Patterns of Consciousness Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is a time when my partner steps aside. We say this again so that you know he is not part of the consciousness of the message. Channeling might seem mysterious and odd to you, for it uses the Human Being’s intellect, education, voice, maturity, and wisdom, but the message comes from somewhere else. My partner calls it a steady stream of intuitive thought groups. My partner is here, but he’s not here. When I say, “He steps aside,” he literally opens this vessel [body], and through the pineal gland and his higher self comes the messages you hear. I tell you this so that you’ll know it’s not him speaking.

There is energy all around you, and there are invisible things around you. This morning we talked about the Kryon entourage, and it is still here. It’s not countable, since it’s pure energy. So much of what you see around you, sense around you, and feel around you is energy. Energy comes in many, many forms, and not all of it is documented as energy.

For you to believe this message about energy, oftentimes Humans need to quantify it and qualify it. You want to measure its vibrational attributes, and sometimes you can’t. The reason you can’t is that your science is not there yet. This is not a criticism of science but a simple fact that there is more to learn. Sound happened without ears to hear it, and light is there without eyes to see it.