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Pause and Listen for the Big Answer

Pause and Listen for the Big Answer Donna Taylor

May begins with all but three of the planets in retrograde motion, so as we begin this month, we must do so with a spirit of acceptance and a willingness for life to proceed at its own pace. With Mercury and Mars retrograde in particular, this is not a time when we can expect to push forward with our aims and ambitions or make great progress. On the contrary, it’s more a time for simple pursuits: quiet walks in the park, meditation, listening to music, painting, writing, or whatever works for you in terms of bringing about a sense of peace and tranquility. Anyone who tries to maintain a normal busy pace is likely to wind up rather stressed during the first few weeks, so be an example to others by being organized, accepting, and flowing.

As Mercury heads back through the sign of Taurus, we are invited to slow down and smell the flowers. Here is a great opportunity to delight in your senses, so while you might not be able to forget about work and responsibilities, it would certainly help to scrub a few unnecessary commitments from your list and relax instead. Taurus is the sign of sensual pleasure and appreciation of the natural world. By taking time to enjoy nature, food, music, and art, we can inspire our souls and remember what is truly important.

The new moon falls on May 6, and this is a good day to focus on how to create a new mindset in the areas discussed as well as how to generate a greater feeling of abundance and gratitude. Taurus is the sign of plenty, and while we all have more than enough, many of us behave as if we need still more. Taking a moment to stop and appreciate all that you have will provide a double benefit. First, you will feel happier as you realize how much you have, and second, it will set up a magnetic resonance to attract more good. This new moon is a great time to remember that we get back what we put out. Thus, if our energy is giving and abundant, we’re likely to receive more of the same.