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Open the Doors to Your Heart

Open the Doors to Your Heart Archangel Uriel through Melanie Beckler

Greetings from Archangel Uriel and from your team of guides and angels, who are indeed present with you in this very moment. Your guides and angels are always near and ready to assist you in harmonizing with the divine plan and purpose for your being in the physical. Yet you may not have noticed, experienced, or felt the presence of your angels. Set this aside, and know that you are supported here and now in lifting in vibration, harmonizing with the energy of divine light and love, and connecting at a real and profound level with your angels. We have incredible support, rejuvenation, guidance, and love to offer you now.

Let yourself relax. Breathe and let go. Your team of guides and angels are indeed present here and now, and they have begun to support you by peeling away layers of tension, density, and negativity that may be attached to you energetically. An orb of light is placed around you to support you in shining brightly and to support dissolving any lower-vibrational energies that do not serve you. As you breathe in, imagine the divine light is filling your being. And as you exhale, let go. Let go, and rise into the light that is all around you. Let go, and rise into in the love that is present here and now.

Divine Light Is Open to You Now