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A More Peaceful World Is within Your Grasp

A More Peaceful World Is within Your Grasp Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I am a collective energy of the forces that compose the universe, yet I am as small as the atom that vibrates in every physical structure here on Earth. I am the beauty of each setting sun that spreads its color on the landscape, and I am the darkness of night that moves across the planet, visiting all in equal measure. I am all of these and more and less. What do I mean by this?

Much exists that you cannot understand with your human minds. Much, much, much goes on that you cannot sense or see while in your bodies of flesh and bone. Yet this is part of the mystery that is being human, is it not? To live in a world that seems finite, limited, and unknowable yet to embrace the infinite in every sense is part of the human experience. Your human perceptions cause you to sink into despair and to see things as dark and even hopeless.

There is wisdom in not trying to understand all that is happening on Earth at this time. Many of your political structures, we shall say, unleash controlling mechanisms that have manipulated the populace around the globe for centuries. To see the animus and disdain for those who are different is frightening to many, for it awakens within their cellular structure memories of when similar energies were allowed to play out on the planet. For many of you, the outcomes were not so favorable then, and it resulted in much frustration as you fought the forces that used fear and death to control the populace and to essentially force the people to serve the institutions’ own ends.