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Inside the New Paradigm

Inside the New Paradigm All There Is through, All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

New information from the Source of All things is vital for all of us. Source wishes and desires for all to continue on your personal journeys. Source wishes for all to seek mastery on Earth and to have all that the universes have to offer us on hand when needed. As each of us faces daily changes and challenges, it is important to have at our disposal all the necessary tools to maintain personal protection. With this, Source is now opening up some new information for our use.

The Platinum Shield

Your world is changing. Everything changes. This is true of your planet and all planets in the universes. On your planet, we gave to you many years ago, as you understand the term, the protection and covering of the violet flame, and for years, many of you used this important tool. We gave this flame to you to call on when needed. The violet flame’s heat signature is what provides protection. It is the flame’s connection to the rest of your known and unknown places and spaces that allows the covering to come over you when it is called on.

Now, because of the change in vibration on your Earth, we give to thee another light and sound vibrational protection tool, this being the platinum shield of light. The platinum shield of light is the next generation of protection for lightworkers and those of you who need to protect yourselves from lower portions of us, for whatever reason that may be. This shield has great power, and the power comes from you and us.