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Humankind Needs New Healing Methods

Humankind Needs New Healing Methods Master Djwhal Khul through Ingrid Auer

Be greeted! I am Master Djwal Khul. I closely cooperate with Archangel Raphael, and among other things, I am responsible for healing in the new age. You are going through a progressive transformation process. Your natural vibration, your body’s frequency, is raised. This might sound technical, but it is easy to explain.

Think of a piano student who is practicing the first octave on the piano. It is hard work at the beginning, but the pianist eventually finds it easier to play simple music pieces within this octave. However, one day the player becomes bored and would like to play other tones beyond this first octave. So the student works on the second octave, which vibrates higher than the first one. The musical repertoire is extended because within two octaves many more variations of tones are possible.

Can you make a connection now between the transformation process and the octaves on the piano? The higher your physical body vibrates, the higher your awareness vibrates. The higher your awareness vibrates, the sooner you will discover and implement your spiritual aptitudes, which you have brought into this life as sparks of consciousness. The spirituality inside you awakens!