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How to Find the Right Spiritual Teacher

How to Find the Right Spiritual Teacher Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

Your spiritual journey is something that cannot be completed alone. A spiritual journey of the soul requires many different facets of learning in order for enlightenment to take place. For those who seek to grow spiritually, a master or an elder is required. The term “sensei” is often thought of as meaning teacher, but in truth, it means a soul who has already walked the path upon which you are currently traveling, for experience is the greatest teacher.

Many of you focus on learning from books and what you can pick up as you traverse the world of the Internet. However, it is important to realize that trying to progress your soul this way will cause you to stumble from belief to belief, making mistakes and being misguided from blindly trusting that spirit will guide you to your final destination.

As angels, we guide you; however, sometimes, in regard to spiritual growth, failure to listen and consider your options can result in much unnecessarily suffering, not to mention waste a lot of time and energy. You would not set off through the jungle on a walking expedition without ensuring you had an expert guide to help you. You would spend much time deliberating on what to pack, choosing the right equipment to take with you, and focusing on what you wanted to experience, see, and learn.