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Fluid Manifestation of Divine Intent

Fluid Manifestation of Divine Intent Almine

If I understand you correctly, as humanity transcends, humans seem to enter a spiritual maturity. They are able to manifest a reality based on inspiration, the voice of infinite intent.

Yes, that’s right.

Is the human body wired for these advanced functions? Do they slumber within, the way the capacities of an adult slumber in a baby?

The physical body has the wiring, or components, waiting to shift into evolved and higher functioning. Today the baby may just be able to grab his rattle, but one day he will be able to catch a football.

Name some components that will be able to assist with manifesting our chosen realities.

The twelve ordinary meridians from the womb of fluid manifestation of infinite intent, which is why so much emphases and so many tools have been devoted to prepare the twelve main, or ordinary, meridians for their higher function [see for the alchemical oils and protocol for the purification of the twelve meridians].