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ETs Trade Propulsion System for Earth Water

ETs Trade Propulsion System for Earth Water Non-Human 3-D ET Trader/Diplomat through Robert Shapiro



Well, we are no longer near your planet, but I see the clouds were involved in showing the portal. We were traveling in an older ship that requires such an opening, and there’s a swirl effect, not because it’s a tunnel or a tube or something. But there’s a swirl effect. This is not the first time one of our ships has inadvertently had that effect on clouds, but it might be one of the few times it was effectively photographed. So this is probably going to be something similar to the type of means of travel that your people are going to work on sometime, perhaps in the next thirty-five years, as some tentative connections have been solidified with the people on your planet.

You are apparently still factionalized, which is too bad. But we have been assured by the members of three different governments — sorry, I can’t say which ones — that all this will be worked out in a way that will create a smoothly functioning, as they described it, business community that they have every confidence will extend to the public at large. Those are their words exactly [laughs]. I’m not sure whether they are, in fact, actually speaking for others, but they seem to be very influential. I’m going to refer to these governments as being de facto because, as they said, people come and go in their governments because of the system, yet they seem to be well organized and have good communication systems around the planet.