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The Divine Masculine Energy Portal Is Opening Fully

The Divine Masculine Energy Portal Is Opening Fully Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Throughout May 2016, many members of the human kingdom will have the sense of being stuck on the bridge between the past and future. The power of the present moment lies in the ability to move from what has been to what has the potential of being in a split second. Those who are able to grasp this will find flashes of inspiration come into their beings, showing possible new directions to aim.

The challenge for most members of the human kingdom will be to ensure that their interpretation of these flashes of insight is pure rather than overlaid with personal ego, gain, or agenda. Without attachment to specific outcomes, a plethora of opportunities pour forth from unseen realms as if by magic, bringing continuing expansion and growth. Those who have learned the lessons of framework with flexibility and structure with fluidity will discover expansive ways to shift, remold, and reorganize their lives to accommodate all opportunities in a fluid yet organized fashion. This is a time of being open to all opportunities. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, to borrow your phrase.

Try on a New You