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Directly Drink from the Nectar of Life

Directly Drink from the Nectar of Life Mother Mary through Therese Dorer

I climb a staircase of light and come to an entrance to a garden. Standing at the garden gate is Mother Mary dressed in a white dress covered in multicolored roses. Emanating from her being is a soft radiant white light that extends from her being. Her hands are outstretched, and the palms of her hands are extended toward the sky. Her smile is beatific, and the light of love and peace emanates from her being. Mother Mary welcomes us to step through the gate into this garden of the highest light and love.

Children of the light, it is with delight I come forth to you this day. I offer all of you reading these words the highest love, light, and truth. Come into the spiritual garden of your becoming. Before entering this garden, I ask you to set an intention. Whenever you desire to partner with Spirit, it is beneficial to set a clear intention. It is the golden key that unlocks your heart to your desires and soul yearnings, providing you with focus and allowing us to support you. We ask you to discern whether you need assistance with clarity, healing, or wisdom or with releasing fear and doubt that have permeated your being. Do you need an opportunity to release and rejuvenate? Perhaps you entered the garden to just be and to be held by the divine light, allowing this light to connect to your spirit this day. Whatever the intention, all are welcome. No one will be turned away. In this place, there is no judgment or pain. It is a sanctuary of serenity and joy.

Come, enter the garden; join me on the wings of your breath, and notice there are many pathways to explore. You are invited to walk down the pathway of your choosing. The gift of choice is sacred. It is the gift you are given when your spirit incarnates into the human form, and you have life choices to make and must decide which path will bring you the highest love, light, and truth for your journey as a spirit having a human experience. Your planet Earth is revered in the cosmos, as it allows for free choice. It is important to honor this sacred gift of life and choice.